DubzOfHash Drops Heartbreaking Record ‘Control’

Hailing straight out of Atlanta, DubzOfHash is back for another elite single titled ‘Control’ featuring Cognac.

Control has a classic upbeat R&B vibe with transparent lyrics. DubzOfHash takes listeners through the ups and downs of a romantic relationship that ends up taking control over his mind and soul.

The record starts off strong with the chorus, giving listeners a sense of the Atlanta-based musicians’ heartache.

“I thought it was love when we made love/damn you got control of me/and ain’t no controlling me (no).”
Channeling the origin of music through lively instrumentations and intellectually-driven bars, DubzOfHash delivers a nostalgic sound.

Sonically, this brief record draws from early 2000-inspired R&B and hip-hop elements while utilizing a relentless flow to give fans a sense of his demeanor and artistic style. 
“I swear if love was a drug/it got me trippin’, fiendin’ for your love/first class in the mix you know what it was.”
When asked about his inspiration for the song, DubzOfHash reflects and says, “Love….it can make you do crazy things. It’s like your heart is so stuck on someone that you’d do anything to please that person or to make them happy.”

DubzOfHash has many remarkable milestones in his career including, hits with No Limit Records artist Fiend, Fendi P and others. His most notable song is Octane, for which he also has a remix with Fiend (aka International Jones).

Control is now available on all streaming platforms.

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