What is Revolt’s Detavio Samuels building with The Blackprint?

Revolt’s current CEO Detavio Samuels is leading a cultural revolution as he gives Black leaders a platform to share their story with the world every Monday on Revolt’s new show ‘The Blackprint.’ Samuels sits down with innovators, disruptors, and changemakers to discuss every step of their journey and share the lessons they learned along the way.

The show is focused on highlighting the journey of the culture’s biggest influencers and creators. Each episode begins with a brief introduction of the guest, then takes a deep dive into the beginning stages of their life leading up to their successful career path.

All of Samuels’ guests have had to face adversity, major transitions and pivotal moments in their careers and discuss how they were able to blossom into the cultural leader that they are today. The lessons that each influential guest shares on the show serves as a guide for upcoming creators, entrepreneurs, and executives for navigating to the top of their industries.

Additionally, the series delivers the right message at the right time and leaves viewers with key gems. Viewers can expect to learn the key to relationship building, the ins and outs of different industries, and how real-life experiences translate into the world of business. No matter where you’re at in your journey of life/career, you can learn something from each episode.

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