Bet on Black: Revolt TV’s New Competition Series Where Everyone’s a Winner

The new Revolt TV series, Bet on Black, premiered on January 11, 2022, and focuses on empowering black entrepreneurs while giving them an opportunity of a lifetime. Detavio Samuels, CEO of Revolt, said in a statement, “Empowering Black entrepreneurs starts with providing access to the capital, guidance, and resources they need to build companies that revolutionize industries and make a scalable impact on the world.”

These missing building blocks underpin the purpose of the show, which is hosted by Keenan Beasley (Entrepreneur and CEO of Sunday II Sunday) and Pernell Cezar (CEO of BLK & Bold.) Bet on Black features a panel of judges like Target’s Melanie Gatewood-Hall, T-Pain, costume designer Zerina Akers, and radio personality DJ Envy. The series feels like a remix of ABC’s Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs can pitch their businesses to the judges in hopes of making it to the final round.

After delivering their best pitch, contestants face a myriad of questions about their business: What’s your vision? What’s the “why” behind your product(s)? How is your business making money? And the ultimate question, What would they do with the money if they were to win? The series takes a culture centric-approach, with music by artists such as Nipsey Hussle selected to score the visual narrative of black excellence in business. Each episode opens with host Beasley stating:

 “Oh, to be young gifted, and black. If you stroll around any hood in the USA, hidden behind some of the sneakers hanging from the wire and blacktops and trap music are inventors, creators, and designers just waiting to be seen, heard, and discovered.”

Beasley states during an episode, “There’s a lot of talent in the community that’s getting overlooked,” which is the unfortunate reality of many black and gifted entrepreneurs who have big ideas but a lack of access to funding. What makes Bet on Black unique is that the show caters directly to the black community and during each round of elimination, contestants walk away with anywhere between $5,000 – $20,000 in secured funding without giving up equity.

Just two shows in, Bet on Black promises to be entertaining, educational and inspiring. Despite its name, this show is far from a gamble for entrepreneurs and viewers. If you’re an entrepreneur, a creative, a business owner, or just someone that’s passionate about advancing the black community, Bet on Black is a must-watch series. Be sure to follow the series on Revolt TV, as well as its digital platforms, to see who will walk away with the $200,000 prize.

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