Nobody Loses on October 30th Because It’s Drake’s Card

It’s that time again—battle rap’s biggest platform, URL (Ultimate Rap League) is preparing for another legendary night of main events for its ever growing fan base. But this time it’s a little different as global music superstar Drake has been involved by handpicking each battle on the card, as well as promoting the event on social media. The event, aptly being called Drake’s Til Death Do Us Part aka The Drake Card, happens on October 30, 2021 in Long Beach, California at 3pm PT / 6pm ET.

The reason I feel the event is fittingly titled is because I’m expecting to see classics or bodies; nothing in between. The card boasts the supercool Canadian battler Pat Stay verses the Man, the Myth, and Future Legend… Real Sikh. Pat is on of the culture’s most respected emcees, while Sikh has proven his ability to consistently deliver high-level performances.

Another highly anticipated matchup battle rap fans are excited about is the return of Jaz the Rapper, one of the most respected female battlers of all time, against top tier veteran female emcee Gattas. Let’s keep it real. Either Jaz will prove her believers right or her haters wrong. Look for Gattas to attack Jaz’s credibility and legacy for a statement win.

Next up is Mount Rushmore rapper and Harlem’s own T-Rex, who is facing one of the father’s of the new era of battle rap, Rum Nitty. This battle personifies the juxtaposition of the “S.M.A.C.K. Era vs. URL Era”. For now, that debate will have to wait. With all the bragging rights on the line, I’ll have my popcorn ready.

Battle legend and ever-confident Tsu Surf is coming off a clear 3-0 win against John John Da Don during Summer Madness 11. However, that doesn’t mean very much heading into a rematch with the Detroit bar-slinger Calicoe. Expect a heavy dose of street stories and dope talk in this matchup of similar subject matter and varying styles. Going into this battle it’s a coin flip, so may the best man win. In the meantime, get a preview of what’s to come by streaming Tsu Surf’s latest album, Until Further Notice, on Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify.

As Drake’s Til Death Do Us Part approaches, battle rap fans are predicting that the battle of the night will go to Tay Roc and Nu Jerzey Twork. You can expect high energy, big stage reactions and heavy gun bars in this matchup between the face of URL and one of battle rap’s most explosive talents. This is what we call in battle rap culture “one of them ones.”

Now, for God’s sakes, strap yourself down for the main event between End Game/Final Level Boss/Rap God Loaded Lux and the biggest, most decorated, most celebrated battle rapper of the new era, Geechi Gotti. Not only is this a clash of eras, Lux is playing an away game on Geechi’s home court. Let’s see how that affects how the battle is judged in the room versus on cam.

Loaded Lux has strategically chosen a handful of opponents in this new era. However, no one is foolish enough to suggest who many consider the G.O.A.T. is afraid to come outside. Every battle Lux takes is calculated, and for the culture and his legacy. Looking back, Lux has had many memorable performances going back to the legendary match with Murda Mook in a Harlem store front to an all-time performance at Summer Madness 2 against Calicoe, which birthed the catch phrase “You Gon Get This Work”.

On October 30, 2021 he’ll step in the ring with rising star Geechi Gotti. Some may question why Geechi, with only a half a decade of work under the bright lights, has the privilege to stand toe-to-toe with Loaded Lux. One can argue that not only is Geechi a two-time Champion of the Year, he’s also the face of West Coast battle rap. Besides, who isn’t up for a little East Coast / West Coast beef? I’d be remiss by not acknowledging that Geechi seemingly effortlessly shows up with a fire 3 rounds for every battle, bringing truth to his slogan “Every F*cking Bar!”

Loaded Lux is one of the most sought after opponents in battle rap, and for good reason. But, kings are killed and new faces eventually rise to power. Will Geechi fall and become just another “lost n****”? Or, will he leave The Drake Card with a win? In my opinion, nobody really loses on October 30 because It’s Drake’s Card. Don’t miss Drake’s Til Death Do Us Part on October 30, 2021 in Long Beach, California. Get tickets or steam the full battles live and for free only on Caffeine.

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