Hennyman’s Summer Madness 11 (SM11) Predictions

In the preeminent words of Detroit’s very own battle rap emcee, Calicoe, “It’s starting to feel like Summer Madness again.”

The Ultimate Rap League (URL) is back with another marquee event. Summer Madness 11 (SM11) is going down in Houston, Texas on Saturday, September 25, 2021 at 3pm ET. The Summer Madness card is the biggest battle rap event of the year and I’m here to break down the matches and give my predictions.

MVP vs Real Name Brandon

First up we have emcees MVP and Real Name Brandon going head to head for $25,000 and bragging rights after another nail-biting installment of URLtv’s Ultimate Madness 4 (UM4) tournament. MVP has been the Cinderella story of the UM4 tournament, proving all naysayers wrong. Meanwhile, Real Name Brandon, who went into UM4 as the favorite, has proven all of his believers right.

Henny’s Prediction: MVP

Personally, I love a good underdog story. So, I’m predicting MVP will continue to shock the battle rap world against a very worthy and capable opponent.

Arsonal vs Lu Castro

Next up, we have the veteran Arsonal “Mr. Disrespectful” taking on “New Era” Lu Castro. Ars is the more well known of the two, for both good and nefarious reasons. However…

Henny’s Prediction: Lu Castro

Lu Castro has been steamrolling through opponents this past year. This momentum gives me confidence in his ability to come out victorious in this bout.

Eazy The Block Captain vs Chess

Eazy has had one of the most impressive rises to the top and shows no signs of slowing down. Chess, on the other hand, is taking a defensive stance, feeling Eazy is coming for his spot by using a similar style and penning similar subject matter.

Henny’s Prediction: Chess

I have Chess in this match because there is nothing more dangerous than a man with his back against the wall. If Chess feels his opponent isn’t leaving him an out, Eazy may rest on the very dirt he’s trying to plant his flag in.

Tsu Surf vs John John Da Don

The battle between Tsu Surf and John John Da Don has been long awaited. John John has been chasing this Surf match for years. While styles make fights, timing is everything. Surf has a lot of things on his plate right now, so it’ll be interesting to see if John John makes Surf pay for any potential distractions.

Henny’s Prediction: John John Da Don

In addition to timing being on John John’s side, in his press leading up to the battle, is talking as if he wants to leave earth on stage and bring Tsu Surf’s ego back down with him. He feels Tsu is arrogant, mainly because of having Lux on his resume, and has a point to prove. And for these reasons, I believe John John will be victorious.

Geechi Gotti vs Calicoe

You shouldn’t be surprised if Geechi Gotti versus Calicoe is a mirror match full of street tales and gangster aggression. Now, if we’re talking analytics, Geechi is the reigning MVP bar none. On the other hand, Cal is one of my favorite battle rap emcees ever.

Henny’s Prediction: Geechi Gotti

I believe Geechi takes this one. Statistically speaking, Geechi has maintained a record-setting history of consistency over the last 4 years in the battle rap culture. This steadiness throughout his career will help guide him to a win.

K-Shine vs Hollow Da Don

The match between K-Shine and Hollow Da Don boasts two all-time legends facing off for the first time. Both emcees seemed ready in the face off. It doesn’t matter what personal beefs or mind games are happening here. And it doesn’t matter what Hollow calls it… hate, jealousy, envy. On September 25th, Shine plans to shut down Hollow’s mind games and take his anger out on him in every round.

Henny’s Prediction: K-Shine

Hollow’s unorthodox style makes him hard to defeat. However, I believe K-Shine’s hunger, competitiveness or that chip on his shoulder will be a huge test for Hollow, with Shine ultimately coming out on top.

Murda Mook vs Reed Dollaz

Three words: battle rap history. Two legends: Mook and Reed. One Stage: SM11. With that being said…

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