DNA, Daylyt, JC, B Dot: Which Battle Should Loaded Lux Take Next?

By HennyMan Sland

If you’re familiar with battle rap, Loaded Lux is a name and brand (“You Gon’ Get This Work”, “Everything Healthy”) you are well familiar with. Lux is one of the culture’s most respected emcees to date with the accolades to match. He hit the mainstream after his classic battle with the battle rapper Calicoe. If you haven’t got that work yet, I’d describe him as the Jay Z or Michael Jordan of his craft… or more simply put, Jesus Christ in Harlem disguised as a battle rapper. However, some of today’s top tier battle rappers are taking shots at the throne and may disagree.

Let’s tackle the tough conversation of who Loaded Lux should face in his next one-on-one performance in the battle rap arena. These are his potential opponents:

·       JC: The Midwest lyricist known for his wit and steady paced haymaker style

·       Daylyt: A next-level talent with a cult-like following and mainstream industry backing

·       DNA: One of the youngest battle rappers that can sit at the legend’s table due to the work he’s put in since an early age

·       B Dot: A California emcee with bars and a message for his people

Any of these four opponents would draw a big gate and are fitting for Lux aka Beloved’s next match. But, if I were personally picking this match up, I believe Lux vs. B Dot would bring out the best of both emcees.

Let’s start with potentially the best matchup. B Dot is a virtuoso who’s quite often compared to Loaded Lux. He’s new blood to the battle rap culture in comparison to the super veteran Loaded Lux and hasn’t taken a round off in any battle to date. From flow to vocab to passion to performance, Loaded Lux and B Dot will be similar to watching Michael Jordan match up against a young Kobe Bryant who mimicked his approach and technique and legendary competitiveness. Styles make fights, and in this case, with all the similarities, the story writes itself.

If that take sounds contrived, it’s because it’s not the bout fans are asking for. Today, the match up fans want to see is undoubtedly Loaded Lux vs. Daylyt. Although Daylyt has earned much of his popularity from a string of onstage antics, Lyt has proven, prior to the antics and since, that he is capable of not only keeping up with any top tier battle rapper, but also proclaiming himself as one of the best ever with minimal argument from peers, analyst such as myself and fans. Naturally, Lux has something to say about that as these two have formed a friendly rivalry that has lasted nearly half a decade. Again, this story also sells itself.

Matchups and popular demand aside, which potential battle means more to the culture? The aforementioned Lux versus B Dot or Lux versus Daylyt definitely fit the criteria. However, at least for me, the Loaded Lux vs. JC stands out as having the greatest potential of an iconic, classic battle. In battle rap, there is an invisible ceiling that is almost impossible to break through without the proper legacy battle. For JC, Loaded Lux is that battle.

At a glance, you may think I’m suggesting Lux do JC a favor. This is not the case. JC is one of the few top tier battle rappers willing to play the role of gatekeeper to the upcoming battlers rather than picking and choosing his battles or battling once a year to keep his name in demand. JC is all about moving the culture forward. It is my belief that a battle with Loaded Lux would up JC’s rank, and in turn, he would willingly pay it forward. In other words, if JC takes Lux, whether win, lose, or draw we can be sure he’ll leave that door open for others to get in. This is how the culture creates new top tiers, new legends and new storylines… all the things our culture needs to last another 20 years.

Let’s consider which of these potential opponents would give Lux his toughest match. If you look at each opponent’s style, DNA has one of the most unpredictable in-the-ring approaches as well as different personas that he exhibits depending on his opponent. For example, we don’t know if we’re getting gun-bar DNA, PG killer DNA, DNA the Champ or the version of DNA that was created especially for Loaded Lux. The one thing we do know about DNA is that he finds a way to get convincing wins on a consistent basis, leaving Lux with the question of what to study for. Yet, there is no question on whether or not DNA is something to worry about.

As with any competitive activity, there will be plenty of battle rap emcees, if you let them tell it, that will argue their place on this short list. Maybe it’s about style; maybe it’s about popular demand or difficulty. In any case, as long as Loaded Lux is involved, the battle rap world will be 100% tuned in.

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