Scarface vs. Ice Cube: 5 Fast Reasons This Verzuz Must Happen

Unless you’ve been under a social media rock since COVID-19 kicked off, you’ve scrolled down your timeline to see Hip Hop fans of all ages sharing their Verzuz TV wish lists. Many seem rather biased or one-sided or downright implausible. But there is one dream matchup that for most of us, who grew up during the Golden era of Hip Hop, break the Internet—Scarface vs. Ice Cube. Below are 5 fast reasons Face versus Cube must happen.

1. They’ve collaborated on several songs during their decades-long careers

These two make classic material together. Scarface’s 1997 release The Untouchable featured Game Over, a track featuring Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Too Short. Also, his classic album The Diary includes the track Hand of the Dead Body, which features Ice Cube and Devin the Dude. In 2008, Ice Cube enlisted Brad’s help for the remix to his song Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It off of the 2008 album Raw Footage.

2. Both have a vault full of classics that span decades

For older hip hop fans, this Verzuz would be a trip down gangsta rap memory lane. The classic albums AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted and Mr. Scarface Is Back were released just a year apart in 1990 and 1991, respectively.

3. With 23 solo albums between these two titans, it would be hard to predict a winner

Verzuz is just as much a competition as it is a celebration of two iconic musical artists. With so much classic material, song selection and timing would be keys to the battle. In the end, viewers would have to just sit back, watch and see who played what next. From Mr. Scarface to It Was A Good Day, they’re DJs would have hood anthem after anthem at their fingertips, making this the least predictable and closest Verzuz yet.

4. People rarely get their flowers while they can still smell them

Scarface has had several health issues lately. In October 2020, it was reported that Scarface had begun the process for a kidney transplant shortly after he took to Twitter to report that he was looking for a volunteer to donate a kidney after his failed during a bout with Covid-19. A month later, on November 10th, he celebrated his 50th birthday. After losing his Geto Boys band mate Bushwick Bill to pancreatic cancer June 9, 2019, it would be a shame not to see Face get his flowers while he’s alive.

5. This is a win for Hip Hop

Face versus Cube bives two Hip Hop OG’s a chance to expose their catalogs to a younger generation of Hip Hop fans who may have never heard any of their work. While Scarface may not be physically able to preform his music, we’d be perfectly OK with him just picking a song and pressing play. The old generation needs this to happen for nostalgic reasons and the younger hip hop fans need it purely for educational purposes.

Face vs Cube needs to happen!

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